A Catalogue of The Insurance Library Association of Boston Fact Sheet

A Catalogue of The Insurance Library Association of Boston Fact Sheet


“This copy, one of two printed on hand made paper is presented to the Insurance Library Association by Henry Hess,” so starts the Library’s copy of A Catalogue of The Insurance Library Association of Boston: To which is added a sketch of the history and work of the Association, together with other information 1899. The book includes information on both the catalog of the library and also information on the subscribers, by-laws, and members at the time. It includes a photograph of the old case room and the reading room and has various illustrations. The text is in fairly good condition and won’t need a lot of paper repair, it even still has lovely marble end papers which we hope to salvage. It is missing the front and back covers completely though. The pictures below show the inscription, marbeled paper and some of the illustrations in the book. The cost to repair the book will be $200. To adopt this book please contact Meagan Stefanow at mstefanow@insurancelibrary.org


Spine of the Insurance Library Catalogue


Marbeled endpapers and missing covers


Inscription by Henry Hess (founder and first trustee of the library)


Title Page


Preface to the Catalogue


Illustration on the abbreviations page