History of Insurance in Philadelphia for Two Centuries (1683-1882)

History of Insurance in Philadelphia for Two Centuries (1683-1882)


According to the Journal of the Franklin Institute: “This work. . .is remarkable and elaborate. Its merits and scope are so great, that it is difficult to know where to commence their enumeration or where to end.” We mentioned this book in a recent newsletter. The book contains a translated version of an Italian marine insurance policy from 1385 (thought to be the first book published in the United States to do so) and goes on to describe the history of insurance generally. It specifically focuses on the development of history in Philadelphia and discusses, among other topics, slave insurance policies in the south (there is a full text sample of such a policy).

The sections in this tome include:

Part I:

Marine Insurance, Marine Fire Insurance, Fire Marine Insurance and Insurance in General Part II:

Fire Insurance

Part III:

Life Insurance

Part IV:

Miscellaneous Insurances

Not only is this book an incredible historical resource, there are several details that demonstrate how valuable the book was when it was originally published. It has a rounded spine and marbled edges, this required extra care and attention in production. The book really is a valuable resource and is in need of some love. As you can see below, the cover is being held on by tape and some of the pages are loose from the binding. Because of the extent of paper repair and sewing that will be involved in the repair of this book, it will cost $275 to restore. To adopt the book please email Meagan Stefanow atmstefanow@insurancelibrary.org



Title Page


Side View, notice the cover is unattached (you can also faintly see the marbling)


You can see that the spine is attached using tape and that the text block is not completely bound anymore.