The Law of Fire and Life Insurance with Practical Observations

The Law of Fire and Life Insurance with Practical Observations


This book was written by Charles Ellis with contributions by William Shaw. The preface of this book discusses its importance in 1854 (which I think makes clear it’s importance to our collection). It says: “The already extensive, and rapidly increasing practice of Fire and Life Insurance in this Country has created, among the profession, a great want of a distinct and complete work upon those important subjects.” It goes on to discuss the ample number of books written on marine insurance and then says: “A work devoted solely to Fire and Life Insurance must therefore be of great value to the profession, both on account of the fuller and more complete examination which those subjects would thus naturally receive, and also because throughout a great portion of this Country, where the practice of Life and Fire Insurance is extensive, that of Marine Insurance is entirely unknown, and a general treatise on all the branches of Insurance consequently unnecessary.”

Our copy of the book is in decent condition; the text block is solid but the cover is no longer attached and the leather is suffering from red rot. The cost to repair this book is $250. To adopt this book please contact Meagan Stefanow




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