National Board of Fire Underwriters Committee of 20 Fact Sheet

National Board of Fire Underwriters Committee of 20 Fact Sheet



The library has Five bound volumes (four pictured) of the National Board of Fire Underwriters Committee of Twenty Reports on various cities. The reports in the Libraries collection are from the early 1900’s. It appears that the reports were originally published as pamphlets and then sewn together and bound. Each Report discusses the “conflagration hazard” in the city based on firefighter statistics, fire fighting facilities and structural conditions and hazards in the city. Each city’s report has a beautiful fold out map which includes information on the materials structures are made out of and the water supplies in the areas. Surprisingly, most of the maps are in excellent conditions and the reports will require little paper repair. The main problem is that the binding is coming loose. You can either adopt one volume to repair or the entire set. The cost of repair will be $150 per volume or $750 for the set of five. Below are pictures of the binding and of the maps. To adopt the book please email Meagan Stefanow


Notice the binding is completely removed from the text block.


You can see the strain on the seams from the original binding of the pamphlets.


An example of the fold out Maps.


A view of the whole map.