The Principles and Practice of Life Insurance

The Principles and Practice of Life Insurance


Our holding is from the 7th edition, published in 1905. The book was originally published in 1872 as a concise way to present the principles of life insurance “so clearly that the public may see that it is a plain financial transaction, giving support to the families of thousands of claimants every year, and throwing its mantle of protection around nearly a million of its living patrons.”

The seventh edition contains mortality tables and cost of insurance tables as well as terms commonly used in life insurance and the scientific principles behind life insurance. The book is in fair condition with bumped corners and a cover that’s pulling away from the spine on both the front and the back. The leather will need to be replaced and there is some paper repair and cleaning that will be required to restore this book. The cost for restoring this book is $125. To adopt this book please contact Meagan Stefanow at



Cover (notice the tearing on the edges)




Side view of cover (the white is where the cover is tearing away from the spine)


Title Page