Tiffany’s Book of Policy Forms: For Fire Insurance Agents

Tiffany’s Book of Policy Forms: For Fire Insurance Agents


This is the second edition of the book, published in 1890. The preface states: “This Book of Policy Forms is the most complete, elaborate and finished work of its kind ever published. . .This edition has been revised and enlarged and is today superior in every way to any book of a similar character ever published.” Clearly, it’s pretty strong wording, but we do think that tiffany wasn’t far off. This book provides the text for numerous fire insurance policies from the late 1800s. This is invaluable to historians and other insurance researchers. Many specific policies are included. The Form of Policy for Planing Mill and Box Factory, Form of Policy for Cotton Seed Oil Mills. Form of Policy for Cutlery and Hardware Manufactory and so on.

Our book is in pretty good condition, the text block is solid but the cover is starting to tear away and the spine shows some damage. The cost for repairs to this book will cost $90. To adopt this book please contact Meagan Stefanow





Spine from above


Cover tearing away