Wilhelm Benecke’s System des See-Assekuranz und Bodmerei Wesens Fact Sheet

Wilhelm Benecke’s System des See-Assekuranz und Bodmerei Wesens Fact Sheet


Originally written in English from 1807-1821 in five volumes, the work was known as: System of the insurance industry – and Bodmereiwesens it was considered a classic work and compendium in this area. In 1824 it appeared in London under the title:A treatise on the principles of indemnity in marine insurance, and bottomry respondentia, and on their practical application in effecting those contracts, and in the adjustment of all claims arising out of them: for the use of underwriters, merchants, and lawyers / by William Benecke, of Lloyd’s of London.  Around 1851 it was switched to two volumes and published by Vincent Nolte and the title was changed to: Wilhelm Benecke’s System Des See-Assekuranz- and Bodmerei-Wesens which was translated into many languages. The book in need of repair in our collection is the German translation of the two volumes printed in 1851. As you can see in the pictures below, most of the Text is in good condition, the cover is just badly in need of repair. There is lovely marbled paper on the outside which we hope can be salvaged. The cost to repair this two volume set is $300. To adopt the set, please contact Meagan Stefanow at mstefanow@insurancelibrary.org

spine of german insurance

The Spines of Wilhelm Beneke’s two volume set

marble cover of german insurance

Marbled cover and signs of wear on the cover (notice the tape holding it together)

title page german book

Title Page of Wilhelm Beneke’s book