The Insurance Library not only has spent the last 130+ years collecting and curating information, we have contributed to the literature as well. Below you will find some of our books available to purchase.

Insurance 101 for Innovators

Executive Director, Paul Tetrault, JD, CPCU, has written a book desgined to help those new to the insurance industry, especially insurance innovators or InsurTechs, easily understand how insurance works, and gain a working knowledge of the specialized terminology. Innovators and would-be innovators need to have a working knowledge of the concepts and nomenclature of insurance to communicate effectively with industry incumbents regarding fundamental and essential concepts in the field of insurance and risk management.

65 Years of Tradition and Change

The Follow up Book to Daniel Handy’s First 60 Years, Sixty Five Years of Tradition and Change: The Insurance Library Association of Boston 1947-2012 traces The Library’s history through some tumultuous times. Long-time Library Director, Jean E. Lucey and Trustee Emeritus, Frederick N. Nowell, III, have compiled an engaging book via Library records and personal interviews. There are many humorous and interesting stories in these pages, you won’t want to miss out on your chance to own a piece of The Library’s history!