March 16, Pandemic Perspectives: How Has Insurance Changed?

Join us for a panel discussion on the changes that have taken place in the insurance ecosystem over the past year. The discussion will cover litigation trends, workplace shifts, product development and more.

March 31, Virtual Book Launch Learn with Matt Masiello

In Insurance Agency 4.0 SIAA CEO Matt Masiello explores the digital evolution of insurance agencies presenting a holistic view of the agency of the future. Learn how to modernize your business strategy, marketing, operations, and sales through practical approaches.

April 7, Virtual Lunch and Learn with Omari Jahi Aarons

The events of spring 2020 forced us to reckon anew with issues surrounding race and social justice. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant Omari Jahi Aarons will share his view of where we are now, as a society and an industry, and what to expect in the future.

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