This is by no means an exhaustive list of insurance resources, merely a list the library has put together to help our membership and the public in general. We are not responsible for any information found on websites outside of our own. While we will try to maintain a current list, there is always the possibility that links will change or no longer work. If this is the case please let us know. If you have questions, you’re welcome to contact us.

Insurance Facts & Statistics
Auto Insurance Company Codes

General Regulations
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MA Insurance Laws & More
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General Regulations

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a lot of regulatory information. To link to a specific state insurance department, you can go to:

Massachusetts Insurance Laws

Laws can be found on the web at: You can either link to a specific chapter or section, if you know the citation, or you can simply search the laws using keywords. Most (though not all) of the Insurance Laws are located in chapter 175.

Massachusetts Insurance Regulations

Regulations can be found on the Division of Insurance’s Website. To find the regulation in which you are interested you scroll through the citations.

Historic Massachusetts Laws/Regulations

The Secretary of State’s Office keeps the official historical record of the regulations in effect as of a particular time. They are the only legally recognized entity that can provide the requester with a certified copy of the regulation as of a certain date for legal/court purposes. Their phone number is 617-727-9136.

You can find the historical session laws on the Massachusetts State Library website

Massachusetts Mandatory Health Benefits

You can find a list of the mandatory Benefits (such as infertility treatments, prosthetic hair, and more) on the Division of Insurance website.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance

The two main sources of Massachusetts Auto Insurance Information are the Automobile Insurers Bureau of Massachusetts (AIB) which has copies of the advisory standard auto insurance policy and the Commonwealth Auto Reinsurers (CAR) which provides information on experience rating and plans of operations.

The Division of insurance also provides information for estimating the rate for insuring your vehicle.

Auto Insurance Company Codes

Massachusetts auto insurance company codes can be found on the Commonwealth Auto Reinsurers website.

New York auto insurance company codes can be found on the New York Department of Insurance Website.

New Jersey auto insurance company codes can be found on the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website.

Financial Stability Ratings

Financial stability ratings are an important factor to look at when deciding on an insurance company. The ratings indicate how likely a company is to stay in business in the future and how financially able they would be to pay any claims you would make. There are five main companies that give financial stability ratings. You can get Best’s, Moody’s, and S&P without a subscription (S&P is available through

Consumer Complaints

The NAIC can provide information on consumer complaints if you’re researching an insurance company

Insurance Facts & Statistics

Agency Checklists Agency Checklists is a publication geared especially toward MA agents which provides legal articles, and information on happenings in the industry.

Auto Insurance Database Report This NAIC publication includes information related to insurance markets, traffic conditions, medical costs, crime rates, automobile repair costs, economic conditions and state laws related to automobile insurance.

Coverager Coverager is a source for insurance innovation that both creates and curates coverage on the most pressing topics relevant to insurance professionals, focusing on areas such as technology, strategy and distribution.

Digital Insurance Digital Insurance provides independent insight and analysis on the impact of digital technology on insurance companies.

NAIC Homeowners Report This report contains a summary of market distribution and average cost by policy form and amounts of insurance-specific information for each state regarding number of homeowners policies written, amount of insurance and average premiums.

Insurance Information Institute The Insurance Information Institute keeps facts and statistics and various hot topics for insurance on their website.

Insurance Journal Insurance Journal, a general insurance publication, also offers their journal for free online.

International Risk Management Institute International Risk Management Institute, an insurance publisher, has a lot of insurance information available for free on their website including expert commentary and newsletters on insurance topics as well as an insurance glossary (see below).

Market Share Reports The NAIC publishes this reference for identifying top writers by premium volume for various lines of Accident & Health, Life & Fraternal and Property & Casualty insurance.

Property Casualty 360 Property Casualty 360 provides access to many of their articles online for free. Including access to journals like Claims Magazine, and National Underwriter Property Casualty.

Rough Notes Rough Notes (a journal geared especially toward producers) offers their journals online.


Insurance Department Directory The NAIC compiles an annual directory with information on Insurance Commissioners including their background and contact information.

The Insurance Marketplace The Insurance Marketplace is a directory of excess and surplus lines, industry services and benefits market. You can select a category and a state to find insurance companies and managing general agents who provide the coverage in which you’re interested.


Burnham’s Insurance Dictionary compiled by insurance educator Ray Burnham is available online for free.

FC&S Online has an Insurance Dictionary that invites input from users for additional words.

Among other features, provides an online insurance glossary.

IRMI’s Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms is available for free online.

Rough Notes’s Insurance Words and Their Meanings is available for free online.