-Henry E. Hess-

“Pluck developed this Library from nothing and Pluck proposes to make it
the best thing of the sort in the world!”

From a January 10, 1895, letter from Henry Hess to C. C. Hine, the editor and publisher of The Insurance Monitor.


The Insurance Library is pleased to announce the creation of a new form of recognition for the highest level of support given to the Library. Named in honor of Henry E. Hess, one of the Library’s founders in 1887, the Henry E. Hess Benefactor Society recognizes those organizations or individuals providing the highest levels of overall financial support to the Library.

Each year, the Library will recognize with membership in the society those whose total financial support in the Library’s most recently concluded fiscal year—including annual fund donations, IPYA or scavenger hunt sponsorships, webinar sponsorships, education program fees, membership dues, summer intern program fees and sponsorships, capital contributions, and other financial support—reaches a certain threshold, which for fiscal year 2023 was $25,000.

With deep gratitude for their substantial financial support of the Library, we are pleased to announce that based upon their overall financial support of the Library from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023,
the inaugural members of
the Henry E. Hess Benefactor Society are
The Andover Companies and Safety Insurance Group.