Research Librarian/Education Coordinator

Meagan Stefanow
Ext. 203

Meagan Stefanow, MLS, Research Librarian and Education Coordinator, joined The Library in 2003. Meagan conducts in-depth insurance research, oversees cataloging of library resources, manages educational programming and continuing education compliance. She also handles much of the financial operations of the organization.

Meagan previously held research positions in financial services consulting and executive search firms.

Meagan holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Smith College and a Masters of Library and Information Science from Simmons College and is in the process of completing her Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation.

She serves as Treasurer of the Association of Boston Law Librarians. Meagan has completed numerous classes at the North Bennet Street School in bookbinding and repair, and has worked with a master binder to help repair various items in the collection.

Research Librarian/Event Coordinator

Sarah Hart
Ext. 202

Sarah Hart, MLS, Research Librarian and Event Coordinator, joined The Library in 2001 while attending the Graduate School of Library and Information Science program at Simmons College. She has been involved in the planning, organization and oversight of the Library’s annual Insurance Professional of the Year Award Ceremony since the inception of the event.

Sarah began both her insurance and researching career in high school working summers as a customer service/title assistant at a title insurance company in Alaska.

Sarah previously served as the Communications Director for the Association of Boston Law Librarians and is currently the Chair of the Standing Committee on Education for the association.