Document Delivery Fees

Delivery of Copies or Scans $1.00 per page ($5.00 minimum fee) for copying or scanning, plus postage if printed copies are requested to be mailed.
Downloaded Documents$15.00 per document
Re-called Boxes$130.00 per box
Fees as of December2022

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Research Fees

Non-Member Research Rate
Note: A deposit based upon anticipated time must be paid before research will begin.
$250 per hour, plus applicable document fees
Member Research Rate$125 per hour, plus applicable document fees
Rates as of December 2022

Research Fees can be paid online by clicking here

Policy on Research Requests by Individual Members

An individual membership is intended for someone in a solo business, law, or other professional practice, or a self-employed individual researcher, and provides the individual member all the benefits of membership, including research services at a discounted member rate.

An individual membership means that the Library will accept research requests only from the individual member–not a member’s assistant, co-worker, spouse, or other person–for matters on which the individual member is working directly.

An individual membership is not intended to permit an employee of a company, firm, or other group to submit research requests on behalf of another employee of the same company, firm or group. If we receive a business-related request from a non-member and then receive a substantially identical request from an individual member at the same organization, it will be considered an abuse of membership and the request will not be honored at either our member or non-member research rates.