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Our library offers a variety of research materials and services to the
membership. Members come from all parts of the country and have found our
research capabilities helpful and informative. Some general
services that come with membership are:

  • Access to The Library without pre-paying for research or document delivery
  • Access to The Library’s article database where you can search and request copies of articles
  • Discounted research* fees
  • Priority over non-member research requests
  • Borrowing privileges, allowing members to check out
    (or have sent to them) circulating materials
  • Discounted prices on any courses offered by The library
  • Use of the library conference room or classrooms for client meetings etc. (as available, when reserved ahead of time)

We also recognize that the needs and services
required of the library are specific to each group in
the membership and some examples of ways we meet the needs
are as follows:

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies primarily use our library’s educational facilities by
encouraging their employees to take our courses –members get
a 10% discount off every class they take with us.
They also use the
library to do research about product lines — especially those companies
planning to expand or change their current product line. Companies are also
interested in competitive ranking and accounting information. Adjusters use the
library to obtain historical information about previous losses and case law.

Insurance Producers

Agents and brokers often access our course study program.
The library offers a number of continuing education courses for the Producer’s
License and members get a 10% discount off every class they take with us.

Producers also use the library to get background
information on or about a company.
Materials on subjects of interest to agents and brokers such as mergers and
acquisitions–including agency valuation–and producer compensation are treated
extensively in the library’s collection. Agents and brokers also require
information on specialty markets and new products. Often they request
descriptions of coverage in layman’s terms for use with their customers.
Solvency of insurers is of course of great importance to agents and brokers, so
the library’s collection of insurance rating services is of vital
interest to them.

Law Firms

Law firms reference the library for case materials through
the use of our legal collection and periodicals. We also provide them with
special services for insurance laws. We have a complete
collection of current and historical standard forms.
The library supplements the Social Law
Library by providing law firms with another place to acquire resources with the
aid of subject-specialist librarians.

Consultants, Accountants, and Others

Consultants and the consulting departments of accounting
firms primarily use the library for statistical information. They also require
background information on or for a specific company when working on a report or
research. Consultants often have a need for the international insurance
statistics and studies available through the library.