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Membership* Annual Dues** # of Employees
Individual*** $240 N/A
Group $525 20 or fewer
Group $700 21-50
Group $970 51-100
Group $1575 101 or over

*All memberships include full use of the library and borrowing privileges for a year from the start of membership. They also include a reduced rate for research and classes; normal document delivery charges still apply.

**All prices and transactions are in U.S. dollars. Membership is not refundable. If you have questions about Membership Benefits, please feel free to call or email.

*** An Individual Membership is intended for someone in private practice or a single researcher. Purchasing an individual membership means that The Library will only accept requests from that individual, not an assistant, co-worker, spouse or other person. Also, the membership follows the individual, if he or she leaves the original company, the membership goes with him or her. It is not transferable.

Please Note: if a business related request is sent in from a non-member and then an identical request is sent from an individual member at the same company, it will be considered an abuse of membership and that request will not be honored.