It’s snowing again here in Boston and, according to, it could snow again on the 27th. I don’t usually complain about cold weather because I grew up in Alaska and I prefer the cold to the sweltering heat and humidity Boston can throw at you, but I am tired of winter. I left Alaska for a reason.

I planned on writing a blog post on earthquake risk in the United States, but I can’t think of anything other than snow at this point. It’s old news but in case you missed it AIR Worldwide announced in early February that the snowstorms which took place on February 1st and 2nd were projected to cost 1.4 Billion dollars. It was one of the largest storms across the country since the 1950s. The snow storm back in February wasn’t as disastrous for us as the, infamous in these parts, “blizzard of ’78.” Estimated losses for that blizzard were about $350 million more than the losses AIR is projecting for this year’s storm. In case you were interested in some background and visuals on the blizzard of ’78, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration put together a power point presentation for the 30th anniversary.

Clearly, today’s snow flurries here in Boston don’t compare with others we’ve faced even this winter, but I’m tired of snow. Isn’t it time we should be facing risks from rain? I can’t believe I just typed that since we just passed the 1 year mark for the flood The Library had in its basement which destroyed a number of valuable items. It required a week of 12+ hour days to save what historical items we could and we’re still reminded of the flood daily as we look at the recovered items still waiting to be scanned.

On the other hand, it might be exciting to test the three new sump pumps we had put in after last year’s extreme rain. I suppose I’ll have to wait for those April showers, but what happened to the lamb March was supposed to go out like?