Focus on Reinsurance

Curated Content No. 23 Taking our cue from this month’s Best Review which features four articles on emerging issues in reinsurance, we are providing a roundup of recent articles on the subject as well as rundown of some of the reinsurance items we turn to frequently in our collection. The list below is merely a … Continued

DEI in Insurance

Curated Content No. 22 Numerous studies (here,  here, and here for example) have highlighted the financial, innovative and social benefits of prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion. While insurance organizatons are embracing the movement, many are still learning how to implement specific strategies to attract and retain a more diverse workforce or how to create a company culture … Continued

Offering More in an Increasingly Virtual World

Focusing on what we can do as opposed to what we cannot, and always seeking to offer more, we are pleased to be able to share our new and greatly improved website as well as new information resources that can be accessed virtually! It was true before the pandemic but only reinforced now that we … Continued

Coronavirus: The Debate Continues

Debate and discussion regarding the insurance implications related to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve. In this email we have compiled recent relevant publications and posts. To see earlier compilations on the topic, you can go here and here. In addition to the articles below, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies has compiled state … Continued

Pandemics & Insurance Part 2

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a flood of information since we issued our previous Curated Content on Pandemics and Insurance so it seemed appropriate to provide an updated collection of resources. As a reminder, we will be holding a webinar on the topic, Wednesday, March 25. Two of the articles below are from the Insurance Information Institute’s … Continued

Hard Insurance Market? Hard to Tell!

There have been rumblings about a hard market for several months, but what exactly is a hard market and how do we know when we’re in one? According to IRMI, a hard market is “when premiums increase and capacity for most types of insurance decreases.” Rough Notes defines a hard market as “the period during which underwriting standards are very … Continued

Pandemics and Insurance

The World Heath Organization (WHO) has declared the Novel Coronavirus a “public health emergency of international concern.” Leading news media indicate that it will likely be classified as a pandemic soon. Both the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have provided best practices for preventing the spread of the disease, but some experts are suggesting that businesses and … Continued

Directors & Officers Liability — Pick A Side (or B or C)

In preparation for the Directors & Officers webinar we are offering next month we reviewed the range of resources The Insurance Library has for research on this important topic, including materials appropriate for gaining an introduction to the line as well as taking a deep dive into intricacies of issues and coverage.  Below are some … Continued

Our Picks for NOLA & CPCU

The Big Easy for the Big 7-5! Photograph of a Map of New Orleans from a 1905 National Board of Fire Underwriters Report in The Library’s collection. For more photos check our Instagram. For many years The Insurance Library has offered courses to help insurance professionals achieve their CPCU designation. This year marks the 75th anniversary … Continued