Photo: Hugo Burnand/Clarence House
Found on The Telegraph Website

I know I’m (really) late to the party, but with William and Kate’s wedding still on everyone’s mind, and being three weddings into a seven weddings season myself, I thought it would be an appropriate time to discuss wedding insurance.

Clearly Lloyds thought so too since on April 26th they offered a somewhat humorous, but informative article on wedding insurance in light of the royal wedding. Closer to home, the Massacusetts Division of Insurance provides a consumer guide for wedding insurance.

Back in 2009, Rough Notes Magazine provided an outline of what wedding insurance covers. They mention more information could be found in their PF&M publication, which the library does have access to, if you’re interested in more detailed research.

The Insurance Information Institute also offers helpful advice on wedding insurance on their website. They mention that you might not need all the coverage available in a stand alone wedding contract and to check with your credit cards and homeowners or other insurance to see what coverage would be available there.

If you’re confused about what other insurance you already have which might be able to provide similar coverages to a stand alone wedding insurance contract, your insurance agent should be able to explain your coverages and what options are available.