Sandra Glaser Parrillo, 2011 Insurance Professional of the Year Award Winner

Donald F. Vose, President of the Board of Trustees for The Insurance Library Association of Boston

I’m afraid this blog languished while we worked on the Education Fair in September and the Insurance Professional of the Year Event in October. November is suddenly upon us and we’re shocked at how quickly our annual meeting is approaching.

I mentioned last year that after The Insurance Professional of the Year Award Ceremony it often feels like a new year around here (perhaps it’s no coincidence that our event occurs in the same season as Rosh Hashanah). So I’m sure you’ll pardon us as we reflect a little.

A lot has happened in the last year:

1. We’ve worked harder on maintaining our website and blog. We’ve started a LinkedIn profile for the library and we’re exploring ways to make our library even more available electronically.

2. We’ve added more items to our adopt a book program, and to our wishlist (and we finally got the laptop we’d put on there several years ago!).

3. We held our first ever Education Fair (with a lot of support), and had our 10th Insurance Professional of the Year Award Ceremony (which included a lot of firsts as well).

4. We put on our first ever (though, not last) silent auction during the social hour at The Award Ceremony — thanks to a lot of support for that, we raised about $6,300 for the library!

Some staff changes include:

1. Our Director, Jean Lucey, changing her schedule to working three days a week.

2. Our “other” Jean, Jean Osborne, increasing her hours to three days a week (we don’t ever want to be short a Jean).

3. Meagan completing another two CPCU tests on her way toward earning the designation.

It really does feel like a whirlwind, but we are glad that you were here for the ride!