We realize that not everyone has taken the time to explore the resources we’ve posted on our website, so we thought we might highlight some here on our blog.

From time to time, we get calls asking for the name of a company based on a company code. While we’re more than happy to answer these calls, we do have links on our website to the Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey insurance company codes. While there may be other states that use auto insurance company codes, these are the three we get asked for most frequently.

These codes are codes that are assigned by the department of motor vehicles (or, in Massachusetts, by the Commonwealth Auto Reinsurers). They should not be confused with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners codes or with the codes that A. M. Best assigns companies. For one thing, the NAIC and AM Best assign company codes to more than just auto Insurance Companies.

If you’re interested in finding the company name associated with an NAIC code, you can go to their consumer information source and look it up. You can also find out information on the company’s financials and consumer complaints. If you’re interested in recent Annual Statements, you can find that information there as well.

For A. M. Best Company Codes, you can go to the Company and Rating Search section of their website and look up a company by their A. M. Best Number (or by the NAIC number if you care to). Not only will it tell you the company name, but it will also provide you with contact information and, if you’re a subscriber, related articles.

We hope that this information makes your research easier!