One of the Insurance Library’s goals is to be the best source of information and knowledge for the industry. We have a large collection of insurance-focused reference materials at the Library, including databases, trade journals, statistics, and historical manuals and policy forms.

That information is only part of what’s needed to keep informed on the industry though. With change happening at such a rapid pace, it’s important to follow the very latest news and trends.

To help with that, we’re going to begin publishing weekly posts containing a roundup of recent insurance articles that we find interesting – starting today.

We hope you find this new content useful. Enjoy the latest from around the industry.

Governor Orders Insurers to Freeze Premiums, Rescinds Policy Non-Renewals
Insurance Business America
Earlier this week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott asked the Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier to freeze insurance rate increases for 90 days, following the damage caused by Hurricane Michael.
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Insurance Under the Influence: Casper
Everyone needs a mattress [insurance] for a good night sleep.

Fewer shoppers require a salesperson [an agent] to purchase a mattress [an insurance policy].

A mattress [insurance] is a long-term purchase. Generally.
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Three Insurance Challenges Being Addressed by AI
Digital Insurance
Artificial intelligence or AI stands out as one of the hottest technologies in the insurance industry in 2018. We are seeing more insurers identifying use cases, partnering, and investing in AI. 85% of insurers are investing time, money, and effort into exploring the AI family of technologies. The focus is not so much on the technology itself as on the business challenges AI is addressing.
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Lawmakers Call for More Funds for Insurance Fraud Unit
Insurance Business America
Michigan’s legislators are calling for the creation of a new agency that would get to the bottom of the state’s pressing auto insurance fraud issues.
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The Changing Face of Cyber Claims
Casualty Property 360
The film industry has a rich history of depicting and romanticizing cyber crime, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to Skyfall. While these films might not be true to real life, cyber crime’s frequent portrayal is a telling display of how crime is evolving as our society becomes increasingly reliant on technology.
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