Last week Property Casualty 360 posted two articles on Driverless Cars:

High Hopes and Deep Anxieties of the Driverless Future

 and the more ominously titled:

Self Driving Cars May One Day Kill Auto Insurance as We Know It


These are just two of many articles we’ve seen over the last few months focusing on autonomous vehicles. It’s clear that autonomous vehicles and their impact on auto insurance are becoming increasingly important topics for insurance professionals to understand. Here is a sampling of the resources we have on the topic:


  • Special Issue on Autonomous Vehicles Status Report Insurance Institute for Highway Safety/Highway Loss Data Institute, 53, no. 4 (August 7, 2018)
  • Will Autonomous Vehicles Drive into a Safer Future? By Thom Rickert, Claims Magazine, 66 no.7 (July 2018): 31-33
  • Detour: As Technology Reduces Risks—and Eventually the Number of Drivers on the Road – Auto Insurers Explore New Business Models as They Brace for an Era of Tighter Premiums by Mary Diduch, Best Review, no. 10 (October 2018): 52-56
  • Mitigating Potential Liability Posed by Autonomous Vehicle Crash Optimization Systems by Jill G. Okun & Ryan J. Rawlings, For the Defense, 60, no. 11 (November, 2018): 63-67
  • It Takes a Village (or a City). . . of Robots: Mcity’s Impact on Autonomous Vehicle Safety by Lauren Anderson, IN Magazine, (Fall 2018): 21-23
  • Driverless Technologies and Their Effects on Insurers and the State: An Initial Assessment by Martin F. Grace & Juliann Ping, Risk Management and Insurance Review, 21 no. 3 (Winter 2018):413-433
  • Autonomous Vehicles, Sensors Will Transform the P-C Industry, Says N&D Group President The Standard, 284, no. 4 (February 22, 2019): 1, 14-15


Finally, here’s a link to a specimen Driverless Car Policy by UK Insurer Adrian Flux: