As the focus on gig or alternative workers  and the sharing economy has grown, and interest in dronessmart homes and the tiny home market has become more mainstream, we wanted to explore some of the risks and insurance products that have evolved due to current trends.

We will undoubtedly revisit some of these subjects in future issues as we have many more articles on these topics, but the following sampling of recent articles should be useful to anyone trying to stay on top of the latest trends. Let us know if you have a specific need for a deeper dive into a cutting-edge topic.

  • On-Demand Insurance: Where Tech Meets Tradition, by Graham Buck, Risk & Insurance, 29 no.8 (September 15, 2018): 41-42
  • Are you Prepared for the Changing World of Work?, The Standard, 282 no.10 (May 11, 2018): 20-24
  • On Demand Commercial Auto Coverage Matures for TNC Drivers, Auto Insurance Report, 26 no.22 (March 4, 2019): 1-3
  • Uber for Business: Beware of Liability Landmines, by Katie Dwyer, Risk & Insurance, 29 no.12 (December 2018): 35-36
  • Sharing your Car or Your Home, The CSR Advisor, 30 no.5 (November, 2018): 1-3
  • Insurance Law Implications of the Shared Economy, by Michael S. Gehrt, Henley Hansen and Mikaela Whitman,New Appleman on Insurance Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law (Spring 2017): 45-69
  • Keep Out! The Efficacy of Trespass, Nuisance and Privacy Torts as Applied to Drones, by Hillary B. Farber, Defense Law Journal, 66 no.3 (November 2017): 1-51
  • Flying Apart, by Meg Green, Best’s Review, 118 no.8 (December 2017): 57-58
  • Protecting Families and Smart Homes with Cyber Insurance, by Jim Hyatt, The Standard, 282 no.13 (June 22, 2018): 12-13
  • The Future of Personal Lines Insurance, by Robin Olson, CPCU, CRIS, ARM, IRMI Expert Commentary, (February 2017)
  • Big Coverage for Tiny Homes, by Richard F. Walsh, Jr., CIC, CPCU, ITP, CRIS, AIS, CLCS, SCLA, ANFI,  Resources, (Spring 2019): 10-13


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