Curated Content No. 21

In preparation for our March 16 webinar, we have gathered some articles on insurance trends related to the pandemic. Below you will find information on vaccine distribution risks, considerations for employers, evolving claims, how insurance departments have responded, the pandemic’s effect on specific lines of insurance, risk modeling and more!

Vaccine Distribution Risks:

COVID Considerations for Employers:


Insurance Departments/State Regulators:

  • Insurance Departments Focus on Continuity of Operations during Pandemic and Beyond, The Standard, 288 no.5 (March 5, 2021): 1, 8-10
  • Commissioner Praised Mass. Agents, Insurers for Supporting Policyholders During Pandemic, The Standard, 288 no.3 (February 5, 2021): 1, 10-12
  • State Regulatory Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mitigating Risk for Business and Individual Insureds, by fred E. Karlinsky, Timothy F. Stanfield, and Christian Brito,The Demotech Difference,  Vol 7, no1 (Winter 2021): 8-9, 60
  • State Efforts to Mandate Cover Fall Short, by Claire Wilkinson, Business Insurance, 55 no.4 (March, 2021): 5
  • Feds Weigh Pandemic Backstop, by Claire Wilkinson, Business Insurance, 55 no.4 (March, 2021): 6
  • COVID-19 Presumption Laws Emerge by Angela Childers, Business Insurance, 55 no.4 (March, 2021): 7

Specific Lines of Insurance:

Risk Modeling:

  • Pandemic Data Drives Risk Modeling, by Claire Wilkinson, Business Insurance, 55 no. 2 (February 2021): 4
  • How to Address Low-Probability, High-Impact Risks, by Neil Hodge, Risk Management Magazine, 68 no. 1 (January/February 2021): 26-29
  • Rethinking Risk in a Post-Pandemic World, by Jody R. Westby and Leslie Lamb, Risk Management Magazine, 67 no. 11 (December 2020): 8-9
  • Managing New Risks in Uncertain Times, by Gavin Souter, Business Insurance, 55 no.4 (March, 2021): 20


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