Curated Content No. 23

Taking our cue from this month’s Best Review which features four articles on emerging issues in reinsurance, we are providing a roundup of recent articles on the subject as well as rundown of some of the reinsurance items we turn to frequently in our collection.

The list below is merely a sampling, in many cases we have all of the editions of a particular treatise or a book.


Perhaps not the oldest source in our collection, but definitely a historical highlight


  • Law of Reinsurance, by Graydon S. Staring and Dean Hansell (2021)
  • Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes, by Barry R. Ostrager (2019)
  • Making a Market for Acts of God: The Practice of Risk-trading in the Global Reinsurance Industry, by Paula Jarzabkowski, Rebecca Bednarek, and Paul Spee (2017)
  • The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda, by P.T. O’Neill and J. W. Woloniecki (2015)
  • The Law of Reinsurance, by Colin Edelman and Andrew Burns (2013)
  • Reinsurance Claims, by Robert W. Hammesfahr, Lori S. Nugent, and Margaret A. Reetz (2004)
  • Handbook of Reinsurance Law, by Eugene Wollan (2002)
  • Reinsurance in Practice, by Robert Kiln and Stephen Kiln (2001)
  • Reinsurance, by R.L. Carter, Leslie Lucas and Nigel Ralph (2000)
  • Reinsurance Fundamentals by Ross Phifer (1996)