We wanted to draw your attention to an interesting article in the New York Times today. It discusses concerns of the Tuscon Survivors about the cost of their medical treatment.

In other current events, there are a few articles and blog posts out there on Travel insurance in light of the events in Egypt. A Wall Street Journal Blog posted a reminder about civil unrest exclusions in travel insurance on February first. The Seattle Times had an article on how policies vary on canceling and re-booking trips to Egypt on the second. Also on the second, the Budget Travel blog posted about how much travel insurance can help in a situation like Egypt’s. The most recent article we found on the topic is actually dated tomorrow (it’s from Australia). The Australian is reporting that an insurance company is insisting it is still safe to fly into Egypt (and thus is denying travel insurance claims).

Next week, we’ll be back to discuss insurance ads (seems appropriate after super bowl Sunday)!

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