Autonomous Vehicles and Auto Insurance

Last week Property Casualty 360 posted two articles on Driverless Cars: High Hopes and Deep Anxieties of the Driverless Future  and the more ominously titled: Self Driving Cars May One Day Kill Auto Insurance as We Know It   These are just two of many articles we’ve seen over the last few months focusing on … Continued

Insurance and Cannabis Resources

A recent Forbes article highlighted additional states expected to legalize medicinal use of cannabis this year, as well as those expected to legalize recreational use. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve in states across the nation, regulation of this emerging industry has become a hot topic, as has the ability of the insurance industry … Continued

Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Industry

On Monday, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at increasing research and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.   But how can AI be used in insurance? What does it mean for the industry?   We’re seeing more and more insurers embrace the value brought by AI technology, using it for a range of … Continued