Insurtech: A Guide to the Universe, Regulation & Disruption

The increased pace of technological advancement and some distinct examples of radical disruption led to a recent period of intense scrutiny/activity/focus on innovation during which many (all?) market incumbents felt the need to engage in peer comparisons to ensure they were not in imminent threat of being left behind. A Delloitte white paper, InsurTech Entering its … Continued

Mentoring Millennials & Engaging Employees

Mentoring Millennials & Engaging Employees A hot topic in our industry is the graying of our workforce. Because of the millennial’s growing influence, Vertafore does an annual survey on Millennials in Insurance to “take a pulse of the industry from the millennial perspective.”  A recent Rough Notes Article suggests that we must “tell a more compelling story about our industry.” … Continued

Autonomous Vehicles and Auto Insurance

Last week Property Casualty 360 posted two articles on Driverless Cars: High Hopes and Deep Anxieties of the Driverless Future  and the more ominously titled: Self Driving Cars May One Day Kill Auto Insurance as We Know It   These are just two of many articles we’ve seen over the last few months focusing on … Continued

Insurance Industry News – Week of December 3

Your people problem with emerging technology and innovation Digital Insurance In a recent study of 26 senior technology decision makers, 100 percent said that the pace of business is faster today than it was five years ago. Point is, you feel it, I feel it . . . everybody feels it. And it’s that pressure … Continued

Insurance Industry News – Week of November 19

Agency of the Month: Brand, Culture, and the Power of Relationships Rough Notes When Matt Naimoli and Zack Gould met, they were friendly competitors at Liberty Mutual, where both were outside sales representatives striving to be the best. As the insurer’s top two agents nationally, they met at company functions for top producers and quickly … Continued

Insurance Industry News – Week of November 5

Coverage for Bitcoin Losses . . . or Is There? American Bar Association It is hard to open a newspaper without reading something about blockchain technology. If one is to believe the hype, this new technology will revolutionize business practices, change the very nature of contractual relationships, and maybe even save the whales. Whether reality … Continued

Insurance Industry News – Week of October 29

Ohio Supreme Court: Faulty Work by a Subcontractor is not an “Occurrence” Requiring Coverage Under a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy The National Law Review The Ohio Supreme Court yesterday reversed the decision of a lower court of appeals and held that a general contractor is not entitled to insurance coverage for property damage arising … Continued

Insurance Industry News – Week of October 22

One of the Insurance Library’s goals is to be the best source of information and knowledge for the industry. We have a large collection of insurance-focused reference materials at the Library, including databases, trade journals, statistics, and historical manuals and policy forms. That information is only part of what’s needed to keep informed on the … Continued