I have to admit, I’m a little proud of the title of this blog post, mostly because I think of it as a double entendre. I plan on announcing an educational opportunity for you, specifically one that has to do with construction!

Next week you, dear readers, have the opportunity to attend a Builders Risk and Insurance Seminar or Nuts and Bolts of Contractual Liability (or both). These seminars are being lead by Donald S. Malecki and Greg Deimling of Malecki Deimling Nielander & Associates, LLC.

Donald Malecki may be well known at our library for his Additional Insured Book, but he’s literally (co-) written the book on Builder’s Risk. He is a prolific writer and one need only take a look at some samples from Malecki On Insurance (or order a subscription to see it all) to realize how important his contribution to insurance is. Both Mr. Malecki & Mr. Deimling were major contributors to the MCS-90 book a comprehensive text with no equal.

In addition to his insurance expertise, I will always think of Mr. Deimling as a super-hero because of his help in averting disaster one year when he joined us in stuffing almost 400 name tags before our big event. I mention this so you get a peek at their character as well. I consider Don Malecki and Greg Deimling insurance Superstars, in the best possible sense. Not only are they leading consultants working on analyzing and interpreting the confusing world of insurance, but they’re approachable and eager to share their expertise. I sincerely hope you get a chance to attend next week’s seminars; not only so you get to witness insurance greatness, but because of the invaluable knowledge you’ll take away.