Of Basketballs & Brackets

Warren Buffet*, is famous, not just for his investing acumen, but also for his March Madness office pool. While he’s offered a million dollars a year for life in various March Madness contests since 2014, so far no one has won the grand prize. Even without such a hefty prize on the line, a $1.9 Billion loss in productivity has been attributed to the tournament in the past.

Since so many have their eye on the ball, and as the final four brackets have been decided and will play this weekend, we thought it was appropriate to devote this week’s Curated Content to basketball and our own final four contest!


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  • Firefighter Scores Benefits for Basketball Injury Sustained at Fire Station, Workers Compensation Report, 26 no. 4 (January 13, 2015): 13-14
  • B-Ballers Beware: Slam Dunks and Technical Fouls with Company Hoops, Claims Magazine, 56 no.9 (September 2008): 14-16

Final Four:
We mentioned above that we have our own final four face off. The Library is planning to offer a summer movie series on the third Thursdays of June, July and August. We want YOUR help to pick the winning titles for the July 18 and August 15 showings. Voting ends April 29th. Below you’ll find the list of resources we scoured to make our full list of contenders.

Movie List Madness:

  • Insurance Meets Satire: Yes, Please, by Roger Crombie, Risk & Insurance, 30, no. 1  (February 2019): 20
  • Lloyds of Hollywood: Insurance Provides Ample Fodder for the Film-Making Industry, by Eugene Wollan, Esq., John Liner Review, 22 no. 4 (Winter 2009): 96-100
  • Insurance Movies Snubbed at Oscars, by Paul Winston, Business Insurance, 38 no.8 (February 23,2004): 6
  • Now Showing: Hollywood’s Portrayal of Insurance Receives Mixed Reviews, by Lori Chordas, Best’s Review, 102 no. 11 (March 2002): 30-34
  • Life Insurance in the Movies, by Andrew P. Trout, Best’s Review, 90 no. 12 (April 1990): 12-16, 18, 108-109

Agency Checklists also had a nice article which included some Massachusetts Trivia.

Don’t miss your chance to vote on which movies you think we should show on July 18 and August 15 and remember you can always contact us for recommendations on additional resources about this or other topics.

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*If you want more information on Buffet, in addition to articles, we do have two books in our collection, Berkshire Beyond Buffet: The Enduring Value of Valuesand The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life, which might be of interest.